Saturday, September 13, 2008

Roadmaster Duo Deck 10-Inch Trike

After much research and shopping around for a good quality tricycle for my two-year-old, I found this Roadmaster - and am very pleased! My main criteria for choosing a tricycle were:
(1) The trike should not be tippy. Several popular models (like the Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go) seem to tip over with the slightest nudge.
(2) The tires should be made of rubber, not hard plastic. Plastic tires provide a rough ride, are loud on rough pavement, and show their wear much moreso than rubber tires.
(3) Value - While I don't mind spending more for better quality/features, some models seem overpriced for what they offer.

My 3-year-old son has a Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike (Red) (also highly recommended), but I had been considering the Radio Flyer classic red dual-deck tricycle for my 2-year-old, until finding this Roadmaster model. The quality and features seem comparable to the Radio Flyer (minus the streamers on the handlebars). It has nice solid metal construction, and rubber tires. The trike is nice and stable. Assembly was required, but was straightforward. At the lowest adjustable seat position, my 2-year-old can reach the pedals nicely, and should be able to grow with the trike for some time. And, of course, the ultimate test - my daughter loves it! This Roadmaster trike is a great unit, especially at its price point.

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